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[font=Roboto, sans-serif]BRUSHES HAVE ALL BEEN SOLD [/font]

[font=Roboto, sans-serif]Elite Razor Amboyna and blue resin hybrid handle with 24mm fan knot. $55 shipped[/font]

Oumo custom Sand Ebonite brush with 26mm Lotus knot. $100 shipped 

bruiji made hybrid brush with 25mm fan knot. $65 shipped

Sawdust Creations wood handle with 26mm Fanchurian knot. $50 shipped

Soaps have only been used less than 5 times each (probably more like 2-3 times) with exception of the Timeless soap and it’s new. I would like to sell the soaps and aftershaves as a lot. Will sell for $115 shipped

B&M Hallows
B&M Sunny Lane
Timeless soap
Hendrix Classics Emperor Oud
WK Fougere Mania (Siero) with after shave
WK Scentropy (Siero)
WK Cedrati (Siero) with after shave
WK Pompelmo
GD Encens Agrumes

[Image: Rw0gZ9i.jpg][Image: MBDFiXZ.jpg][Image: uwdQ8AF.jpg][Image: b2Zw8oU.jpg]

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PM sent for the Sawdust Creation brush
Couple of price drops
Soaps and aftershave still available

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