Los Angeles
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Exclusive Damn Fine Shave giveaway. No purchase or review necessary, just enjoy it as I do Wink
Post anything to enter, invite your friends to sign up for our forum. Winner will be announced on Monday, August 31st.
Winner will get a full size soap and balm, I will ship it worldwide!
[Image: zc5CRrG.jpg]

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Oh, i'm so in.
I've never tried Soap Smooth, but have wanted to for a while.
Thanks for the generosity, and good luck to all!
Thanks for the opportunity. Count me in!
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Cool, I've never tried this stuff before, but it looks great. Count me in!

Houston, TX
Count me in!

Frozen cranberry sounds amazing! I'm in!
Bob from Virginia
I am in
I never had the chance to try your products.

Count me in.

And, thanks.
I'm in, never tried soap smooth and the scent sounds really interesting too! Love to try it out
I'm in! Thanks for the generous offer. Love that label, looks great!

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