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Shaving brushes are habit forming. For me, anyway. Good habit, I might add. You start with one and before you know it the number has multiplied like rabbits. Too much of a good thing. So then now and then I am compelled to trim the lot. The brushes are used about a handful of times each, so they are in superb shape. The prices here include U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine. No trades, please. Thanks. 

Simpsons 57 best badger, 22/50mm: New, $116. Your price $55  (SOLD)
Simpsons Chubby 1 super badger, 22/46mm: New, $186.50. Your price $100  $90 (WITHDRAWN)
Simpsons Tulip 2 super badger, 20/48mm: New, $165.50. Your price $90  (SOLD)
Savile Row 3722 Silvertip, 22/52mm: New, $126. Your price $50  (SOLD)

[Image: hwQJuIW.jpg][Image: EZzXlif.jpg][Image: uYCuuXC.jpg][Image: Qx24cpq.jpg]

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I have reduced the prices on these wonderful brushes. They are priced to go.
The Simpsons 57 is sold. The other brushes are still available.
All the brushes are sold except for the Chubby 1 in Super Badger. If you like a small brush with a dense knot, good backbone and soft tips, the Chubby 1 in Super badger is a good choice. Of course, you can't beat the price.
All the brushes are gone except for the Simpsons Chubby 1 in super badger. This is the final price reduction for the Chubby before it returns to the rack. $90 shipped U.S.

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