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Simpson Hive in Manchurian. Fantastic brush and in a rare handle style and resin. The hair has no scritch, good backbone, and is soft but natural feeling.  It is a pleasure to use and in perfect condition with no shedding.  This brush is from around 2015 or so and I really like the pattern in this disco resin. All of the more modern variants of disco seem to look almost digitized to me. The lines and patterns in this resin are very clear and distinct. The knot is 23mm with a 51mm loft.  BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL! I am selling it to reduce the number of brushes in my den to a more reasonable number.

[Image: h9kXxHf.jpg]
[Image: N7Q97L7.jpg]
[Image: bIBCbua.jpg]
[Image: w6cUkwc.jpg]

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Simpson box is, of course, included.
Price reduced to $210.
Black Friday/ Cyber Monday special price of $199.
How is this still here? It is a GREAT brush.

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