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Polo 10 Best
Only used a few times
Original owner
Knot is to large as I keep a beard 
$95 shipped conus only

Duke 3 Silvertip
Great knot
Original owner
$95 shipped conus only SOLD

Chubby 2 Silvertip
Another great knot
Second owner 
$200 shipped conus only WITHDRAWN

Payment via PayPal 
Shipping is conus only please
Thanks for looking

[Image: LXKK4n2.jpg][Image: u2M0f3c.jpg][Image: rreHffP.jpg][Image: QsmHHqO.jpg][Image: xZh5mEC.jpg][Image: yd0rftR.jpg]

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Duke 3 is sold.
Polo still available.
Polo is still available.

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