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UThese brushes are for sale as a lot.

1. Wolf Whiskers 24 mm synthetic [SOLD]
2. Wolf Whiskers 24 mm synthetic 
3. Wolf Whiskers 24 mm synthetic [SOLD]
4. Alpha Black Satin 24 mm synthetic 
5. Murphy and McNeil 28 mm synthetic Day of the dead edition.

The three remaining price are 240 obo. Feel free to reach out to me if you want more pictures.
[Image: yD6KETr.jpg]

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Beautiful brushes.  Someone is going to be happy.  And that M&M brush is made by Teton Shaves.  (He’s my kid)!

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For reals? That’s awesome. You are right, the brush was made for M&M by Teton Shaves.

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Weekend bump

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