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I'm looking to part with a few more brushes as I try and consolidate my collection even further. 

I have a custom Varlet Gaslamp 32mm XD density, it's a two piece construction with pearlescent green on the top and matte white on the bottom. Paid $525, asking $450. 

Next up is a Declaration Grooming B2 SSB Jefferson, I paid $600 and that's what I'd like to get in return. 

Lastly is a B10 Lake Pelham Watson Jefferson, paid $450 and I'd let it go for the same. 

I'll update this post with videos when I'm able to take them. 

[Image: id9rKcS.jpg]


Varlet is sold

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Just sent you a PM

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Varlet is sold, B10 and B2 are still available. 

I'm leaving for vacation on Friday so if you want it you better act fast!

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Bumping for visibility

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B2 SSB is sold.

Still have the B10 LPW, $425 shipped.
B10 for $400
All items sold, thank you!

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