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Hi there,

Up for sale are the following Sebum Gold Soaps and Aftershave. Soaps are almost completely new except for Mandarin that was scooped from and the aftershaves have not been open either and I will only ship CONUS. Thanks!

SG Mandarin Set: 250 USD 
SG Grapefruit Set: 250 USD
SG Old School Soap: 100 USD
SG Red: 75 USD 

[Image: dzKRr7i.jpg][Image: L4orNZk.jpg]
[Image: JOmSzUf.jpg][Image: RLIVD9K.jpg][Image: OOM0536.jpg]
[Image: KmaAPwu.jpg][Image: qqKPvTy.jpg][Image: MKKgyOh.jpg][Image: 3WNweKq.jpg][Image: E6ZStTR.jpg]

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