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CONUS only. Shipping kills.
On shipping, $3.00 per item, $4.00 for the ASL, and mugs. (I can lower shipping on multiple items, to save a buyer some coin) All razors were scrubbed with baking soda/dish soap paste and a toothbrush. You will see some common items and some very uncommon things, some of which I never see on the BST. Dont hold out for it to come up later for cheap. The more you buy, the easier it is to cut shipping costs. Also, dont be afraid to make trade offers, QCS, CB, and B&M are my favorites.

Sanda pipes. Brand new, never smoked. Comes with stand, pouch and coffin. $15.00 a piece.
[Image: pfd0jlA.jpg]

Schick/Eversharp Hydromagic. The head is tarnished, but shaves like a champ. $10.00
Gillette L2 Slim. Some spots on the lid, but shaves and adjusts as it should. $28.00
Panna Crema Vetiver. New never used. Its official, I dont like vetiver.  $15.00 SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!
Kell's Original hemp/aloe vera Vanilla Bean glycerine soap.Used 4-5 times. Smells great! $5.00
[Image: qGrGb8X.jpg]
[Image: msnnTcS.jpg]

Rotbart No. 15 razor. I like the balance and feel of this razor, especially the knurling of the handle. My face just never grew accustomed to it. $20.00 SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!
[Image: Eyky5d0.jpg]
[Image: avIUZgN.jpg]

Gillette Old Types. No date codes. Heads are fine, handles are junk. $5.00 a piece.
[Image: RLMiKLW.jpg]
[Image: fGNJkh9.jpg]
[Image: OWT789G.jpg]

Bath House Spanish Fig and Nutmeg with wood bowl and lid. Awesome scent, loved it so much I bought the matching cologne. Pretty sure this is a triple milled soap as I can still see some of the soap imprint. Used about a dozen times. $25.00
B&M Rhapsody. Used 2-3 times. Dont like the scent. $12.00
[Image: PHPzBSh.jpg]

No-name/unbranded boar brush. I have used it a few times, so might shed a little for the new owner. $15.00
Avon Bay Rum and California perfume. Sold as a pair. Scents are clean and vibrant without age degradation. $10.00
[Image: G7sLLqP.jpg]

Rockwell blades, and a handful of other blades I dont enjoy. At least 95 remain of the Rockwell blades. $7.00
[Image: Gt4Jpge.jpg]

OS mugs. Printing is starting to fade, (or faded) but no chips or scratches. $5.00 a piece.
Lastly, Here is some LPV ASL. It was too greasy and tacky for me and never dried down, so I decanted some to another bottle and cut in some water at about 3:1. It was still to greasy for me. At this point the bottle is more valuable to me than the contents, but thought I would offer it here to the LPV lovers. Both original LPV half full and the cut version, $7.00
[Image: CAVhx1b.jpg]
[Image: DoHtZ1K.jpg]
B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
My personal B&Blexit
True irony
I think I would like the Avon products
That Rotbart is cool looking!

Very generous offerings here.

Best of luck!
Shave yourself.

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Rotbart is sold!
Panna Creama is SOLD!
B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
My personal B&Blexit
True irony
Rhapsody is traded. Sale is closed. Please archive.
B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
My personal B&Blexit
True irony

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