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Hi DFS Community,

I have some razors listed below that don't get much love from me lately. With the contemporary razors, I am the original owner of these. I'll include appropriate blades with the razors. I'm happy to send any additional pictures as well. Thanks for taking a look!

All prices include shipping to CONUS. PayPal only.

Sonnal Slant Razor - $60.00
Ever-Ready Streamline (North Shore Razors Coating) + Case (Not Pictured) - $175.00
RazoRock Hawk v3 Stainless Steel+ Additional Handle $60.00 SOLD
RazoRock Lupo (Aluminum) - $20.00 SOLD
QShave Adjustable - $10.00 (Basically just a little over flat-rate priority shipping)
OneBlade Genesis + Leather Case (Not Pictured) - $175.00 SOLD
[Image: qDkeEZN.jpg]

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I'll take the lupo. Send PP. Thank you
Thanks! I'll PM you now.
Reduced Prices on the Sonnal and Ever-Ready.
Bump! Let me know if you have any questions on the remaining razors! Thanks.

Returning Wet Shaver
Two quick questions: 1 Does the Sonnal slant have the North Shore Razor Coating like the Streamline? 2. Does the Sonnal slant have a symmetrical or asymmetrical comb plate? Thanks
Thanks for asking. The Sonnal does not have any coating. It's the original, worn finish. The base plate has asymmetrical combs. I've posted pictures below to show as well.
[Image: lx3fpTO.jpg]

[Image: XT9oBYN.jpg]

Returning Wet Shaver
Thanks. I was hoping the base plate was symmetrical. GLWTS

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