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Hello all,

Looking to thin my razor collection down. These are my more expensive razors I have decided to sell at the moment. All over $100. I do have more razors I need to sell that are on the cheaper side. Tons of cheaper brushes with a few higher end brushes probably. Nothing LE or special pours mind you. More standard fare. Lots of synthetics, maybe some boars. Might not be worth putting them up for sale individually. Please let me know via pm if you cannot see the album links for the individual razors. Didn't mean for this to be closed. I imagine it is my Gillette razors being the reason for that.

On to what I have for sale!

Gillette British Flat Bottom Aristocrat OC

Selling for $205 $180. Item comes with a case. I think it was painted possibly as I don't remember seeing any cases that match this. Has 2 razor blades in the blade bank inside the case I likely forgot to photograph. Center of handle has a few pit marks I can see. Some flea bites under the base plate. No bent teeth. I see flea bites and a few tiny specs of brass on the front of the doors, but still quite good overall considering the age. One door won't open completely without assistance. Inside of base plate has a few flea bites but nothing like the front of the doors. The insides are excellent only exhibiting some sort of dirt that comes off with slight work. You need to manually start the doors to close, and then are able to twist it closed. Feels mostly smooth. I imagine what slight resistance I feel is from built up scum over the years. Case is in good condition showing signs of wear, but not excessive.

Gillette British Popular OC

Selling for $200 $180. Case has lost some plastic at the hinge to the left as seen in photos. One blade bank had instructions that seem to match with the razor. It has a lot of staining which I hope is seen in the photos, but most if not everything can be read. I didn't read it extensively. One blade bank has lost some plastic. A good chunk. When I first saw it I almost didn't recognize it. It looked part of the design. Case needs cleaning and has a bit less than moderate dirt. The teeth on the razor are mostly straight. I didn't see a slight bend in one corner for the two teeth until opening. Not easily seen at first. I see some plating loss on one of the corner teeth. The doors at the end have a thin line of plating loss. Not immediately noticeable at a distance I feel, but look closely and you'll see it. Quite even. Center of handle has worn plating. Not quite worn I think, but not as shiny as other spots of the razor. Doors need assistance opening up, but they will actually close. Knob opening up at the end when the silo doors are almost fully released gets tight, and then gets even tighter when getting silo doors halfway closed, but does loosen up by the time it closes. I imagine the inner mechanism needs a good cleaning. 

Yates 921 EH with H plate, Stonewashed, 3.25" Handle - SOLD! for 150!

Selling for $160. Total costs 235. H plate is a scalloped bar, EH plate is solid. Razor handle is 3.25" Really nothing to note for cosmetic issues. I have difficulty telling it has been used. 

Gillette British Flat Bottom Tech

Selling for $125 $115. Case and blade holders are in good condition. You can see some scratches from old age handling, but I consider it excellent for its age. I can see some imperfections under the cap, top of baseplate, and under baseplate, but not plating losses. On the bottom baseplate it looks like the imperfection was there before it was plated as the plating is still intact. Great, shiny plating.

Timeless .68 with stand - SOLD!

Selling for $125. Stand it comes with has dents in several places. I know the seller said it was a scratch and dent purchase. It does show, but it is possible to place it in such a way as it shouldn't be seen much. I never noticed it unless I moved it just right. Everything is the polished finish. Finish and plating is in very good condition. Cap and baseplate are scalloped, and the baseplate is solid bar. 

Timeless .95 Razor only Matte - SOLD!

Selling for $100. Razor cosmetically is in excellent condition. No noticeable signs of use I can see. Matte razor. 

Muhle R41 Grande Stainless Steel

Selling for $100 $80. Top of cap as noticable scuff marks under observation, but no plating loss. Otherwise the rest of the razor looks to be in very good condition. I would put the cap a touch under very good.

Blackbird regular polished baseplateSOLD!

Selling for $55 $45. Nothing to note for major problems. Much too efficient for me. The Lite is much better for me. I got a complete Blackbird in a trade and I believe this to be polished. It looks it.

Timeless .68 OC baseplate, matte Withdrawn

Selling for $55 $45 Just didn't make the cut for me. Not a fan of open combs for me, but I see a point to keeping my .95 blade gap but not this one.

SOLD! Masamune OC Plate No. 114

Selling for $30 $20. No problems to note. Won this in a raffle as a complete set, but I'm not a fan of most OC razors. Only one I'm keeping is a Timeless .95.

Forgot to mention all prices are shipped CONUS. I will do international and go in half on the shipping. SOLD!

Items I would consider for trade, listed in descending desirability - 

CaYuenWorkshop LLC Large Abalone lathering dish
Wald A1 Nimbus, fan knot
Wolfman Razor SS WR2 head 1.35 or higher gap, Basic machine preferred but would consider Basic Polished too
RazoRock Superslant Lvl 3 or higher, no open comb
Nodachi Razor Stand, Silver
28mm+ badger brushes, non-gel preferred
Thank you for looking!

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Please ignore the Muhle R89 for now to the left of the Yates. First razor on the left front row. I will sell it if a family member doesn't choose it. I realized I had some family members I've never offered a razor and brush to, four individuals actually, and wanted to see if they would be interested. Also forgot I have a few baseplates I no longer wish to employ, along with a full razor.

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What metal is the Yates?

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Stainless Steel but it has sold

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A lot of razors still left

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Not sure if it’s just me, but the photo links don’t let me view them without first requesting access from you

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Seattle, WA (USA)
PM sent.

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Thank you for informing me of this. Please let me know if it is not fixed now. It should be. I stupidly had it on restricted.

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Bumping to the top

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Still got some razors left to sell.

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