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Looking to offload some razors that are not being used much.  All prices include CONUS shipping.

Alumigoose with ~10 Feather Pro blades - $105 - Reduced to $95

[Image: W7vFkMd.jpg]
[Image: q6l8w40.jpg]

Paradigm Diamondback - $200 - SOLD

[Image: SOQw2dm.jpg]
[Image: CNWXidN.jpg]

Charcoal Goods Level 2 on Stinger Handle (Brass) - $175 - SOLD

[Image: VdjjRoT.jpg]

[Image: SxyGfW0.jpg]

Gillette Slim Delta Echo - $75 - Reduced to $60

[Image: WlOYYYu.jpg][Image: cCNqiCb.jpg]

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PM sent

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That DE is a looker
Thanks! You don’t hear about DE as much anymore, but they are awesome.
Remaining item prices reduced.

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