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Up for sale is a re-plated Gillette Red Tip B2.  The re-plate was done by Chris at Back Roads Gold.  He did an excellent job as you can tell by the pictures below.  A stunning razor that I wish I could keep, but I don't use Red Tips.  I purchased it as a gift, but unknown to me my father recently purchased a re-plated Red Tip.

The razor has not been used - as re-plated.  I paid $80 and would like to recoup what I paid.  Please add $6 for CONUS shipping.  Will ship internationally for actual shipping charges.

Thank you!

[Image: QXk5ZzX.jpg]
[Image: PkpzIxT.jpg]
[Image: ySHZR7R.jpg]
[Image: a6AGuZI.jpg]
[Image: phH2gaX.jpg]
[Image: ciinwPX.jpg]

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