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Hey All, the title says it all.......

If I like the Game Changer enough I will sell my ATT S1 to pay for it.

Regarding handle styles I really like the Halo and the Bamboo or maybe the Super knurl.

Maybe you have just the head available, in that case I can keep the handle from the ATT.

The .68 blade gap may not define the razors efficiency alone but it seems like medium aggressive works for me.

I'm hoping it could be a good daily driver for me.

Send me a message or post here w/ what you have please. .......the 0.68 or the 0.84...

Thank you...........

[Image: UTM2V8F.jpg]
Time are Game changing........( i took pic). what fun are posts w/ no pics? Happy2
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No-one ?
... trust in the Lord with all your heart....

Seattle, WA (USA)
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There's a two in one currently for sale on eBay.

I tried the early Game Changer, and was disappointed. It was not very efficient.
Putting the posts on the baseplate instead of the topcap, strikes me as just a gimmick.
It only makes it harder to safely load the blade. I can see no functional reason for that feature.

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maybe this weekend will be lucky.....Do you have a used Razor Rock getting no love any more ?

Have a good week end....
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I am kind of trippin on two of the guys who sent me messages telling me they do have a game changer for me... why?

neither one of them will tell me how much they want for the razor or tell me which handles or if they will sell me a head only ..

the one guys message says to me " I've got a.68 for you" he gives no price or any other comments.. so i say great, how much do you want? ..................... i can see he has been on line here and read my message yet no answer.

.........the third guy sent me a message and asked me " how much are you offering " since i liked his handle the least and it is used, i said $25 well ... idk what the going rate for it is on this razor used . so i ask " how much do you want ? and i don't get any more replies.

. .. it's $56 on IB

another guy said " i have one i'll sell you for $85 " i said " i'll pass .. I think that is too much, right?

I am still looking for a reasonably priced razor rock game changer and it can be the .84 head only if that is what you have ... if you want feel free to tell me what the current market price is for a..........USED ... RR_GC .84 or .68

maybe it is a secret and I'm not using my decoder ring or the right secret handshake .........

thank you.
... trust in the Lord with all your heart....

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