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Hi there. I have no choice but to sell these items due to the unfortunate circumstances I am currently facing. Anyways, I will only ship CONUS and I only accept pp too. Any questions feel free to message me.

Titanium Wolfman Brush with a 26mm Maggard knot: 380

Kryptonite Collaboration brush 26 mm B5 DG knot by Mozingo: SOLD

Clear blue & Turquoise 28 mm B13 DG knot by Dogwood Handcrafts: 160

Anodized Blue Blackland Blackbird with stand: SOLD[Image: SOtBqGG.jpg]
[Image: AAMqx6k.jpg]
[Image: 6fdU7i9.jpg]
[Image: MhqdW2T.jpg]
[Image: DqL5TAA.jpg]
[Image: kZoiJ3g.jpg]

[Image: zkA7o1I.jpg][Image: UHZtFWo.jpg]

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Bump with new prices

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Suggest a reasonable offer and I might accept.

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Most likely I’ll post my Black Eagle shaving brush as well
When are you going to post your Black Eagle, and what will be the price?
Please don't remove prices when things are sold. Thanks--------

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