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I got one brand new RS-10 for my friend, he has not used.
So, I have one brand new RS-10 with both plates.
This is a Brand New, Never Used,
the Mild and Aggressive Baseplates.  
This razor has not even been disassembled
Still has the blue protective film on the head!

Total price is $425 for brand new RS-10 with both plates.
Paypal and insured conus shipping included.
Only Conus.

[Image: A1.jpg]

[Image: A2.jpg]

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Cem, tried to send you a PM....but you have placed me on the ignore list??
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I did not find your last pm polite to me, that is why.
I prefer not to sell to you sorry.
Really? You find this offensive:

“Roger. If you decide to move the used one please let me know.
Very Respectfully

Wow...and I was thinking because you tried to sell it to me for $500! Hmmm

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