DFS 2018 LE Brush is now live. Read more here!!

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Hello everyone! Please PM with questions or if you want to purchase!

Chiseled Face  SOLD
Santa Paula Orange Used - 4x Times
Midnight Stag - Unused
[Image: lrxa4Y3.jpg]

K Shaveworx $17 Shipped
Grapelicious - Used 2x
Here Comes The Sun - Used 1x
[Image: p85YpR5.jpg]

Dr. Jons - Both are the version 1 formula $17 Shipped
Hex - Unused
Krampus - Unused
[Image: ftFtFnY.jpg]

Stirling Soap - $27 Shipped
Pumpkin Spice - Unused
Hot Apple Cider - Used 2x
Autumn Glory - Used 1x
[Image: yKyKMeA.jpg]

Above the tie R1 Withdrawn
2016 plate - Cap and Handle from 2015 -
Great Condition - No scratches or Dings
[Image: JG6FEsV.jpg]
[Image: v5r1gII.jpg]

Blackland Blackbird Polished 100 mm Handle SOLD
[Image: bkgec9O.jpg]
[Image: lDj7Lc7.jpg]
[Image: hIVSumI.jpg]
[Image: xMRbiXx.jpg]
I'll take the Chiseled Face
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(02-19-2017, 03:18 AM)ob1page Wrote: I'll take the Chiseled Face

Sent you a PM
Blackbird has sold!

Ferndale, MI
Dibs on the Stirling Autumn Glory if you decide to split the lot!
- Jeff
(02-19-2017, 05:20 AM)wyze0ne Wrote: Dibs on the Stirling Autumn Glory if you decide to split the lot!

If no one buys the lot by tomorrow I will split and then it's all yours!
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