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Eidt: shavedweiss is the winner. This PIF is now closed. Thanks!

Giving away Stirling Soap Electric Sheep shave soap. This is a sheep tallow soap with the scent of (strong)citronella. I have used it several times and is about 85%-90% full (the bottom half tub weighs 6.6 ounces). To recognize the folks that have been here for awhile and recent-ish newcomers, I am limiting this to those that joined DFS prior to the last 15 days. US only to keep shipping costs within reason (let me know if there are cheap  [$3-$4] options for international). Just say i'm in.

Edit: The winner of shevek 's PIF is not eligible for my PIF, sorry. Just want to give others a chance. That is unless my PIF ends first, then this "rule" is moot.

[Image: GVictuq.jpg]
Awesome PIF! I'm in!

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Great pif. I'm also in

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shavedweiss is the winner. I will PM you.

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Unfortunately I don't have enough posts built up to pm yet. Could you email me at shavedweiss@gmail.com


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