Hello all, being relatively new here and having yet to do one I thought it was time for me to do a PIF. I have done some on other forums with success so maybe this one will be as well.

I have a bottle of Kramperts Bay Rum that doesn’t sit well with my skin. I have always used the Frostbite with great results and love the healing properties it has. I figured I’d finally give a Bay Rum a try since I know that ShadowsDad makes great stuff. After some conversation with him I’ve come to the conclusion that Bay Rum doesn’t sit well with my skin.

With all that being said, if you’re interested in a twice used bottle of Bay Rum by ShadowsDad just say I’m in. I’ll use a random number generator to predict the winner. I’ll keep this open until probably December 14 or so. Hopefully the winner will have it in time for Christmas. Also since it’s alcohol based please be in the US.

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In. Thank you.
In. Thank you.

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very nice bay rum aftershave, in my opinion. my favorite bay rum that I've sniffed on the market so far...
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I'm in, thanks!

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I'm in! Great PIF.

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I'm in too. Thank you.

I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity!
- Jeff
Giving one last bump, I’ll close this out tomorrow sometime while watching Sunday football and pick a winner from some online name generator.

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I'm not in, but it's a nice giveaway.

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