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I made mistake when I sold my Paradigm Ti V1. Now I have to pay for this mistake. Hope USD500,- or slightly more for razor with box in excellent condition can be tempting for someone. Thanks for considering.

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Peachtree City, GA
Keep telling you guys, V1 was a better razor than Ti II

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Seattle, WA (USA)
I had one on loan for a week, and I couldn't find a lot of difference between the Paradigm Ti 1 and the Above The Tie R-1, except for the handles,
and the metals.  To me they look and shave almost the same.  I couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on such a derivative razor.

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An ATT R1 was one of my first DE razors and I used it fro at least two years regularly, so I think I can say that I have a good feeling about its efficiency and shaving characteristicsl. I also am lucky to have acquired an original Paradigm Ti. In my opinion these two razors shave very differently, the Paradigm Ti being smoother and more efficient (provided one applies very little pressure!) It is not to say that the ATT R1 shaves poorly.

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I have tried all three. I still own the Version 1 and the 17-4. I agree...the Version 1 is my favorite although it's the most aggressive of the three.

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