Mexico City
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Good day folks! up for trade is this Paradigm Javelin razor.

This one is the first prototype in Aluminum before the Stainless Steel version with a different handle was made, i prefer more milder razors and this one is a little bit more aggressive than the Diamondback.

Mostly interested in brushes, an HT1 is preferred but im open to other brushes in the same category.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: 0wzWWI0.jpg][Image: pcNDdjT.jpg][Image: xtqrbmA.jpg][Image: 7ygjr1N.jpg][Image: kE2MJlS.jpg]

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Not interested in the razor but I must complement you on the high quality of your photos and presentation.  I wish all BST's were this clear and concise.  GLWS.

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Mexico City
Weekend bump!

Mexico City
Still on the search, have a great weekend!

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