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Shipping for one item is $3.0, two items is $5, three or more items is $8.
If you purchase a brush and something else, then the brush ships for free (so if you're buying a soap or aftershave and a brush, shipping is only $3).

Grooming Dept Mallard Lavender (used twice): $19

Aftershaves (see pictures for levels, red arrows indicate approximate level):
Lather Bros Take-Out Night Balm: $5
Lather Bros Flora Colossus Balm: $6
Lucky Tiger: $9
Nivea Sensitive Cooling Balm (used once): $ 4
Pacific Co Caffeinated Aftershave (used once): $4

Yaqi Ferrari Brown Knot: $12

Grooming Dept Lavender Rejuvenating Serum $19

I'm willing to trade for the following blades: GEM PTFE, gillette 7 o'clock super stainless, perma-sharp, KAI, pretty much any AC style blade, B&M Gothique or Angelique soap.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/44RMLP2


If you're seeing this listing it's because it's still available even if the thread is closed.


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