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I love the OneBlade razor, in addition to my straights, of course. For me, it is the most comfortable of all the safety razors I have used. I have several models of the OneBlade, including the Genesis stainless steel and the Genesis stainless steel gunmetal. I have added the gunmetal to the original offering. Current price for the Genesis SS is $399, and the Genesis SS $499. Both razors are new and unused. Your price for the SS is $225 and the SS Gunmetal $275 shipped U.S. Paypal is fine; no trades, please. Thanks.

[Image: mFwhzUt.jpg]

[Image: JGXBxH0.jpg]

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Here is a one-time price cut for this new and unused OneBlade Genesis V2. This is a fine razor, in my opinion, and the only safety razor I use when not shaving with the straight razor. Give your New Year a good start. The price cut brings the razor down to $250.

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The OneBlade Genesis, new and unused, is still available. If you’re looking for an efficient shave that is also comfortable, the OneBlade is a pretty good choice.
I have reduced the price on the OneBlade Genesis V2, new and never used, to $235 shipped U.S. Start your new year with arguably the most comfortable safety razor around. And she's pretty, too. Comes with the fancy leather travel case. A packet of 10 Feather FHS blades included.
I have added the new offering. Please take a look.
The Gunmetal is sold. The SS still available.

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