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Unfortunately the MdC Rose reacted with my skin so it needs to go
It just was purchased from Maggard's and was lightly scooped once for a shave that is all, limited number 201

Creed was bought on another forum but the wife is not fond of the smell so I will pass them along for the price I paid for them
Santal was lathered once by previous member
Vetiver was new in box, I scrapped soap from the bottom to not mess the creed logo on the top, see pictures

MdC Rose $55 shipped conus————-SOLD 
Creed Santal $50 shipped conus--------------$45---------$40  
Creed Vetiver $50 shipped conus-------------$45---------$40
(Take both creeds for $90---------$85-----$75 shipped conus)

Captains Choice is a FREE gift to who ever buys something first! It has only every been scooped out twice——-Gone


[Image: msZvTg7.jpg]
[Image: YnyhMby.jpg]
[Image: A7DDrxm.jpg]
[Image: ems7VOG.jpg]

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Great deals!
Prices lowered
Final reduction
Sold, thanks buyers and dfs

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