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For sale some stuff. Shipping from Poland (EU) with tracking number is 6$. PayPal payment only.
Any question, more photos - feel free to Ask!

Vintage Polsilver, made in Poland before Gillette took over Wizamet. 75 sealed tucks, each with 10 blades.
One tuck - 6$. Full box (25 tucks in cardboard) - we can discuss the price.

[Image: 1aRiCTx.jpg]

Vintage Iridium Super, made in Poland before Gillette over Wizamet. 37 sealed tucks in plastic dispenser, each with 5 blades. One tuck - 5$

[Image: 9Pfxsuu.jpg][Image: MS21XOS.jpg]

Mix of vintage Wizamet blades made in Poland before Gillette over Wizamet. 154 blades in total. Whole lot for 105$.

[Image: VNcFTB2.jpg]

Gillette Silver Bleue made in France - each tuck (5 blades) - 2$. 40 tucks available.

[Image: DkcXRZO.jpg]

Wizamet razor W-6. Never used. With box and papers. Truly NOS. Price is 25$.

[Image: vL8Onz8.jpg]

Stando brush. Steel handle, 24 SynBad knot from APShave. 30$.

[Image: diPjxm7.jpg]

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All Polsilver are SOLD.

25 tucks Iridium Super - SOLD. 12 tucks left.

Rest is available.
All Wizamet blades are sold.

Here's what's left:

16 tucks of Gillette Silver Bleue, brush and razor.
Brush is SOLD.

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