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I am making room for some other things. These are all like new and are part of a very large brush collection. I will describe them from left to right as best as I can remember.

Edit to add that I probably DO NOT have original packaging from these brushes.
[Image: Ju9iKDG.jpg]

1) blue and white Viking brush with 26mm SHD knot. $55 shipped

2) tie dye resin Viking brush with 24mm Gelly Beard knot. $55 shipped

3) Oumo custom Sand Ebonite brush with 26mm Lotus knot. $125 shipped 

4) Elite Razor Amboyna handle with 24mm bulb knot. $60 shipped

5) Elite Razor Amboyna and blue resin hybrid handle with 24mm fan knot. $60 shipped

6) bruiji made hybrid brush with 25mm fan knot. $75 shipped

7) Sawdust Creations wood handle with 26mm Fanchurian knot. $50 shipped

SOLD 8) Oku Sevilla brush in clear red resin with 25 or 26mm fan knot. $100 shipped

[Image: Ve7ia2h.jpg]

[Image: deLG88r.jpg]

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gorgeous brushes, great prices - terrific seller! GLWS!!

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GREAT seller and some beautiful brushes here! GLWYS!
Sean, Upstate N.Y.

Excellent brushers! That Sevilla is tempting...
Message sent buddy.

I like Pizza
(07-28-2021, 12:20 AM)jshaves2554 Wrote: Message sent buddy.

J, did you snag the Oku? 

Meh, I want an Oku in any colour except ivory

Great lineup Steve, all stunning.  My favs are the Oku and the Elites

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