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$90 for brush alone (will throw in 1/3 of blades-approx 50)
$45 for AdP alone. (will throw in 1/3 of blades)
$70 for software. (will throw in 1/3 of blades)
15 mm stand goes to the first request

$170 for the lot (save $35). 

All shipped priority. I'm usually in meetings until noon. I will sell on a first come first serve basis so please be patient with the messaging. I will drop it off to USPS same day if the order is before 3 PM EST.

Carbon synthetic brush. 316-l handle - used once. This was my first and only synthetic and its 3 weeks old. I dont know anything about synthetics so hopefully the site below would have the info you're looking for.

AdP Fico Di Amalfi 2.5 oz. sprayed once

Soap, splash lot 
NO Neon sun set minus 2 scoops
WK Dance of Agrumes set minus 1 scoop
NO Barbarr about 75% ? I dont remember. Mostly scooped and I lathered on the last shave for some reason. AS is to top of label. 
RR XXX, tuscan oud, and the club vanille vendetta- all 95%+


Maggards mr5 15mm stand- 2 weeks old
Blades. mix of nacets, med preps, kai, feather. conservative guesstimate is 150 total. 


[Image: ZtNnMjK.jpg]
[Image: fd35FAP.jpg]
[Image: KHF1lvG.jpg]
[Image: DS2XOeT.jpg]

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