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Looking to trade for a blackbird machined ss. lite plate or a bead blast ti. lite plate.
Also looking for a timeless ss. scalloped polished .68

I have the timeless .95 plate, bb stainless standard or opened comb plates or numerous other items I'd be willing to offer up that I've just squirelled away that don't get any use.

Offhand  what i can think of...a couple times used simpsons chubby 2 and duke 3 best, blackland dart, 5 or 6 chatillon lux aftershaves used maybe once or twice, att s1 atlas handle, att r1 on atlas handle, att windsor pro, a selection of plates from a brand who's name i shall not mention on here.
A polished tatara masamuni nodachi on masamune handle, a straight or two, 1st gen colonial general.
I've got other stuffed stored away I just can't think of atm, I'll dig through my closet when I get home from work and see what else.

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