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I am still looking for a lightly used DG BoK or BoK 2.0. I am open to all batches, as long as the knot is symmetrical and in excellent conditions.
As a trade I offer an immaculate three-time used DG B3 REEF or a Paladin “all seeing eye” 2019 Halloween edition in Phantasia.

I would also consider buying a BoK or BoK 2.0 brush.

Looking forward to your offers and Happy Holidays!

[Image: 4cz3mFr.jpg][Image: JIDN5KX.jpg]

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There is a BOK 2.0 B13 for sale on FB(Wet Shaving Enablers: Buy, Sell, & Trade)


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That one is already sold.

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Here is another trade option 

[Image: aGMLCzb.jpg][Image: tjnjJnb.jpg]
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