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[Image: sDRUImc.jpg][Image: wt6nwS7.jpg][Image: L6uwDld.jpg][Image: xifTWqg.jpg][Image: R1iTc8A.jpg]Hope everyone is well!! 

I have a couple of special items that I’m looking to part with/sell.

I have a Francis Bosse (tournuredebois) shaving brush that’s absolutely stunning IMO ... Apologies as I can’t properly capture it in photos. The handle is segmented woods made out of Ambonya burl, yellow cedar, and Madagascar ebony wood, with a 26mm 2-band SHD knot. This brush is essentially new, only used twice, not even broken in yet. 

I also have a “matching” (not officially) Shaving Bowl from Colorado Razor Designs made out of segmented maple, walnut, and mahogany wood. Absolutely beautiful... Again, apologies as it was difficult to fully capture in photos. It’s new/never been used, no water or soap touched it. 

I bought these essentially at the same time because they matched well to me. I always wanted one of Colorado Razor Designs segmented bowls & brush, but the problem was I don’t bowl lather lol... I purchased the bowl anyway because I loved it’s aesthetic. That encouraged me to buy a brush that matched which is how I came across the Francis Bosse brush. 

But unfortunately with me not bowl lathering these two items just haven’t gotten used and I’d much rather someone be able to enjoy them which is the only reason I’m selling them tbh. 

I use PayPal. I ask US buyers to pitch in $5 for shipping please. I’ll consider shipping International but I ask the buyer to cover international shipping cost please. 

Thank you! 
Justin Bailey

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