Trotter Handcrafts
Bellingham, Washington USA
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These are all items I’m not using so they are up for grabs.

I personally do not want any money for them.

If someone on this forum wants to make an online Donation to Seattle Children’s Hospital for $99, I will send you all these items.

I’ll cover usps priority shipping. (US only).

1. Due North - Rossi English Bridal Leather Strop. It’s brand new and unused. I believe they sell new for $167 plus shipping (Canada).

2. Antica Barberia Mondial - Synthetic Brush. It’s brand new and unused. These sell new for $85.

3. HAGS and Talbot Soap and splashes. All were used 3 times or less and only cleanly scooped (not tub lathered or touched with a brush).

4. If there is extra room in the usps flat rate box, I will fill it with more good items… (I believe I might be able to fit another artisan soap set in).

[Image: 10f2dc42e9a269df124e49db5aead42a.jpg]

[Image: 82c3afddf51f166ccce339f3e17047ab.jpg]
[Image: f4e46d88be8ff8cc2e7ba499de4bba3b.jpg]
[Image: 74f85d0965ffe1bf29f59620d9dd178e.jpg]
[Image: 38356f88e196f8b48de9dfafc3a5e814.jpg]
[Image: 48a18e65d87e62e00fe515255b50312a.jpg]
[Image: d3f165eda16cecb23249b62f03efe4a9.jpg]

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Trotter Handcrafts
Bellingham, Washington USA
Updated the price to only $99 shipped

Aluminum or titanium brush handle?

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