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Up for sale are 4 sets of the Kai Salon Select blades. I'm selling as sets of one pack of each type.
You get:
One 15 blade pack of Salon Select Premium Guard Blades
One 15 blade pack of Salon Select Smooth Guard Blades
30 Blades total
[Image: VKMU9o4.jpeg]
[Image: iD8a7Ho.jpeg]
[Image: 8YYfxnK.jpeg]

[Image: ADAmM93.jpeg]

Asking $37 shipped CONUS
PAYPAL only please

I'm just selling these at cost for those who want some.
I bought on Ebay, had to pay tax and shipping from Japan plus the bubble mailer from me to you and shipping from me to you.
It all adds up Unfortunately. . .

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Once I try and it not too harsh would be willing to buy

Have found Kai AC to be brutally harsh although never encountered these two

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3 sets left.
Bump, just in case anyone wants to try.

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