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Hi Folks!

Up for sale is a set up geared toward a new wet shaver.  This set's got a bit of everything.  A well regarded start razor AND slant, a popular broken in boar brush, a badger brush, a synthetic brush and MORE!

Included is a

1) NEW in BOX EJ DE98Lbl

The razor was a replacement from EJ when my first razor broke; I've never used it since I purchased some solid stainless steel razors while awaiting the replacement.

2) Like new Fine Slant

3) Omega Pro Boar Brush - Broken in for the most part

4)  Like new Dreadnought Vanguard Synthetic Shaving Brush

Upgraded to a Muhle Synthetic shortly after purchase.

5)  A tub of Tuscan Oud (about 90%+, didn't care for the scent)

6) A fresh pack of Nacet Blades + Pack of Rockwell Blades (not in photos)

7) Small EJ "Best" brush with Stand.

Everything in the picture is included; Razor, two small brushes in badger and synthetic, a tub of soap and a couple pack of blades!

Price: $70 ($65 + $5 shipping)

Paypal Payment only to a verified address.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: M0ugpxR.jpg]
[Image: jdEt5f3.jpg]
[Image: dNbHzOc.jpg]!

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Added slant and boar bush to package for a more competitive price point! Great for the new shaver in your life! Get both a well regarded razor AND a slant!

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Spencer that is an awesome deal!
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(06-16-2016, 07:05 PM)jsanchez Wrote: Spencer that is an awesome deal!

Thanks. Definitely a set for the newbie in your life. I priced to cover the costs of the two razors plus shipping and paypal.... The rest are essential freebies.

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