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I have two Ikon aluminum heads for sale or possible trade for specific items listed below. I am the original owner of both and they are in excellent condition. I shaved with the Ikon 101 for about 2 months and rotated it with my DE89. The Ikon 102 Slant has only been used about 4 or 5 times.

I also have a Purest Satin Tip shaving brush in black that I used 2 times for travel, then cleaned it and put it back in it storage case. It includes the black cardboard storage tube that it came in. The brush looks like it was never used. The only pic I have right now is with it next to some other brushes but I can provide more pics if requested.

Payment via PayPal and CONUS shipping only.

Ikon 101 - $30 shipped
Ikon 102 Slant - $35 shipped SOLD
Purest Satin Tip - $12 shipped or $10 if purchased with either razor head. SOLD

I will trade either razor head even for a new/never used B&M LGC. I may consider other soaps if new and unused, especially soaps from Reef Point, Stirling, Crown King, Beaver Woodwirght, and Barrister and Mann.

[Image: L2voj7C.jpg]
[Image: pqWkV0v.jpg]
[Image: xvRymqU.jpg]
[Image: jDobJA6.jpg]
[Image: GwRNwnK.jpg]
Ikon 102 Slant and Purest Satin Tip are sold. The Ikon 101 is still available.
Price reduced on Ikon 101 to $30 shipped.

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