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Hi all,

Looking to sell the following items:

1.  Chiseled Face Titanium Legacy Razor - Raw Finish, Herringbone handle in excellent condition. Asking for $150 shipped CONUS (Retail $199.99, currently sold out). Sold 

2. Grooming Dept Lavender (~95%) and Aion Skincare Kai (Used 3x) shaving soaps. Asking for $30 shipped Conus.

Thanks for looking! 

[Image: gFY9ELV.jpeg][Image: NY9MFYY.jpeg][Image: IgG9wkE.jpeg][Image: CWzNn6k.jpeg][Image: bxdAKj7.jpeg][Image: wetGz0O.jpeg]

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I sent you a PM on the CF Ti

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