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Selling this Gillette Senator. It is Rhodium plated.
TTO doors work smoothly and evenly.
Teeth are ramrod straight.
Previous owner dinged up the top cap, so it's priced accordingly.
$50.00 OBO.
PayPal G&S
Conus only.
Thanks for looking.
[Image: FWZOkaC.jpeg]

[Image: wknKGoF.jpeg]

[Image: BNrxfS9.jpeg]

[Image: vWV1v4Y.jpeg]

[Image: YdFNiPa.jpeg]

[Image: FWg7h4l.jpeg]

[Image: c15HIEk.jpeg]

[Image: sSMepIk.jpeg]

[Image: UHSjuCN.jpeg]

[Image: xdYCEnf.jpeg]

[Image: utwbpbA.jpeg]

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A che bel vivere, che bel piacere, per un barbiere di qualità! Happy2
Very sweet razor .
looks great


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Great shavers, best wishes on the sale Joseph !

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