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Some vintage blades for sale.

Shipping from Poland with a tracking number.

PP payment only.

I will be happy to answer any questions, provide more photos.

Vintage London Bridge made in England. One box (125  blades) - 95$ including shipping. Two boxes available.

[Image: JFWKcZW.jpg]

Gillette Silver Bleue. One 'calendar' (100 blades) - 65$ including shipping. 4 calendars available.

 [Image: tAb47tv.jpg]

[Image: Lc8D5cw.jpg]

And I still have some brown Polsilver for sale. Old Wizamet, made in Poland.

PM me if you are interested

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One Gillette Bleue calendar sold. Two full available. And one goes for parts, if someone wants to try it and doesn't want to buy the whole calendar.

One tuck - 3$

Also London Bridge price $10 off so it's 85$ with shipping included for one full box.

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