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Up for sale is Very, very nice condition Gillette English Red Tip 

Selling for $75 shipped CONUS

Please Note that the UK version is more efficient than the US version and still smooth.

**Hard to find English version**

[Image: OVFkz8b.jpg]
[Image: FRAMpnS.jpg]

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Living on the edge
My fave vintage razor..beats all others hands down....perfect for daily shavers.
And what a price!

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SOTD with a KAI Blade…. EUREKA … found the blade for my UK Red Tip.  Sorry felas, withdrawn. I had a beautiful 3 pass shave. Very forgiving razor and is butter smooth. I’m glad I gave it another go.

Back to the Den it goes! 

Thanks DFS for all the messages, lots of interest in this beauty.

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