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[Image: s14862i.jpg][Image: 0HsNxGK.jpg][Image: IdWhKBE.jpg][Image: io9Ve6p.jpg]For CONUS only, please.  Price includes shipping and fees.

Excellent condition, silver-plated British #44 (Raised Flat Bottom) set. The silver plating is fantastic with no signs of brassing.  This is the rarer hollow-handled version. Teeth are perfectly straight, and the handle has no cracks or splits.  An incredibly smooth shaver in excellent condition.

The interior of the case is also in excellent condition, while the exterior is in average condition.  

[Image: D39P0Bw.jpg]

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Great razor!

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Excdellent razor and a great person to deal with!! GLWTS!!

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Final DFS price — $100. I’ll throw 20 Personna Lab Blues in the package as well.

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