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For sale is the following;

Vintage Gibbs Razor- Comes with 3D printed tabs from FrugalShave, a new spring, and a punch. Brassing on the underside of top cap, and missing ball. $182

Simpsons Chubby 2 LE Manchurian Butterscotch- Comes with original box. Used about 15x. $337

Semogue Pharos C3 Pure Black Horse Shaving Brush Yellow- Washed once to get out funk, unused on face. $13

Zenith 506U XS Extra Soft Horse- Washed once to get the funk out, but it became tangled and I lost a bunch of hair trying to brush it out. Unused on face. $16

Parker SRX Shavette- Some paint chipping $16

All prices are shipped CONUS

Thanks for looking and please let me know if you have any questions.

[Image: 0NMye3a.jpeg][Image: e6Tgvo4.jpeg][Image: vVEcITn.jpeg][Image: Pa0CBlX.jpeg][Image: pkQ56JJ.jpeg][Image: 1lt2Xhw.jpeg][Image: I8Qlm6f.jpeg][Image: PJAn5xJ.jpeg][Image: dT4DwQV.jpeg][Image: P7PI9FB.jpeg][Image: 73SV7X9.jpeg][Image: RLlMsDo.jpeg][Image: 6S9YvSa.jpeg][Image: tG9okWQ.jpeg][Image: zKGT5AN.jpeg][Image: UTeEJBx.jpeg][Image: jPGhHAA.jpeg]

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