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II have the following GEM razors listed below that I am clearing out. It is time for them to go to a new home where they will be loved and used. I will also be throwing in 10 blades for each purchase.

Condition: All are in new or mint condition as pictured. If you have questions wrt the condition of a particular razor please ask. Smile

NOTE: I will be the first to admit that I know almost nothing about vintage GEM razors. Therefore, if I have mislabeled or dramatically over priced a razor please send me a Private Message so that I may rectify the situation. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

As usual, all prices include shipping and fees within the US. I will ship overseas, but please understand that it costs approximately $20-25 to ship to Europe and to Western Pacific rim countries via USPS. I usually end up losing in that deal...but, will try to work with you if it is at all possible.

I will only consider trade offers for a Wolfman WR1 Ti in .86 blade gap or Varlet Low Light Variants (other than the K2).  I can add $$ where necessary.

1) Rocnel SE-G SS - $175 - SOLD

[Image: foX2X7Q.jpg]

[Image: WuZ1GNz.jpg]

2) Rocnel SE-G SS Titanium Finished - $195

[Image: EUPb1bh.jpg]

[Image: WZBZwUJ.jpg]

3) Delta Echo MMOC - $85 - SOLD

[Image: m3FLUgw.jpg]

[Image: tDioDDA.jpg]

4) Delta Echo MMSB Clog Pruf SB - $85 - SOLD

[Image: 60NVqTr.jpg]

[Image: LMEj3UF.jpg]

5) Micromatic Clog Pruf with Box and original blades - $25 - SOLD

[Image: TsTZH16.jpg]

[Image: tspZESW.jpg]

[Image: RYa92Ji.jpg]

6) 1912 w/ case - $25 - SOLD

[Image: 1VTOAaI.jpg]

[Image: wegz2Jo.jpg]

[Image: PXxPXAQ.jpg]

7) MMSB Bullet Tip/Flying Wing - $20 - SOLD

[Image: H72AT9C.jpg]

[Image: OLhv3Db.jpg]

8) G-Bar (I have three of these. The one on the far left has a section on the back side of the handle where there is no texture. The other two have texture. These are about as perfect an example as you will find.)

     Razor #1 - $15 - SOLD

     Razor #2 - $12 - SOLD

     Razor #3 - $12 - SOLD

[Image: 5el4hcW.jpg]

[Image: 7ZnskdT.jpg]

9) MMOC in Brass color (Not sure if this is plated or not) - $20 - SOLD

[Image: iDCVt0e.jpg]Oil

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I am going to apologize up front. Apparently there is a server issue and I am unable to update my post. Therefore, I will have to post as a reply when items are sold.

3) Delta Echo MMOC - $85 - SOLD
To the top. I will consider offers. Smile
Will consider trades!
Anyone? Open to reasonable offers or traded

Everything looks to be sold. Anything fall thru on the SPF's?
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Both Rocnel SE-Gs are still available.

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