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Up for sale or trade is this beautiful Morris & Forndran 2xl in Jade.  It is a pre collaboration brush, 100% made by Lee.  It has soft tips and very good backbone with no scritch.  My preference is for a trade (or partial trade) but I would sell for $230 shipped in the USA.  As for trade items, I am interested in the following:

-Paradigm Ti 2
-UFO handles
-Wolfman handles
-M&F 2xl and 3xl Pre Collab Brushes Fan Shape
-A disco resin face lathering brush from Paladin or M&F
-A genuine horn brush (prefer fan and face lathering)

If you have something else interesting, let me know.  Thanks!

[Image: 0rKux6l.jpg]
[Image: eI4lUl0.jpg]
[Image: 1GxLGje.jpg]
[Image: EakYqKd.jpg]

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