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looking to sell these in lots to save on shipping, shipping in USA only 

All items are 95% remaining or better in not otherwise stated 

Lot 1: PAA new gem razor, RR handle, Yates handle only fits on Yates head $40 shipped sold
Lot 2: wild flowers af, Dr. Jon flowers in the dark, chatillin lux lavender, m&m claddagh mdc, baume.be balm, holy black ruby red (50% left)  $70 shipped 
Lot 3: 100 real pol silver, 100 Gillette stainless red $60 shipped sold 
Lot 4: nuavia green, nuavia black (70% left), eufros jasmine scented (50% left), mdc agrumes $90 shipped sold 

[Image: khf4uLn.jpg]

[Image: 5yxvcCe.jpg]

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PM sent.
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Lot 3 and 4 sold
All gone. Thank you

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