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The required den purge continues with a beautiful King Cobra.  Although this is going for slightly above MSRP, I am just trying to recoup what I paid for the razor.

Razor is lightly used, only around 5 times by me and a couple times by the prior original owner.  It's just too big for my tastes and I am sticking with the Cobra Classic.    For those who followed my thread on the King Cobra screw, I have included the two extra screws I had made for it.  The OEM part is installed, the others are backups for you if you ever need them.  Original box included.

$280 shipped insured Priority Mail.

Also available are a pair of handles:
First picture is of a one of a kind custom handle made by a gent in Wales, UK.  Asking what I paid: $90 (I actually paid closer to $95 with shipping)  To see it on the Cobra, here is the original eBay listing:  http://goo.gl/cx4220

Second picture is the Jürgen Hemple Titanium Wave handle.  Picked up for $100 from Bullgoose, selling for $85.

If you want the entire lot, take an extra $25 off the total for: $430 shipped Insured Priority Mail.  US only.

[Image: tv0ZEvP.jpg]
[Image: wBcroPA.jpg]
[Image: OWDJpve.jpg]
[Image: n83nHt7.jpg]
[Image: A9aWGCB.jpg]

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