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(Price dropped) This is the fourth time I'm BST-ing a set of decanted/sample fragrances. 

The first three sold out just about immediately, and so there's a slight increase in price.  And also because it's a great set of scents -- two ouds by MFK, two Tom Fords, three Louis Vuittons, Naxos, Green Irish Tweed, etc.  13 that are at least half or more full (mostly much more and two are new since I already have them in full size bottles).  All really popular and high rated on the frag-head websites like Fragrantica and Parfumo (where, for example, Naxos is the number 1 unisex and Imagination is number 4 in pure men's).  Also, as a bonus, I'm throwing in three scent decants for which there's a drop left, enough to apply on your wrist and at least smell.  All in, a bargain at $55  $49.  Which includes CONUS shipping from me.

What’s here:

Nishane – Ani (a decant I did myself to use as a travel but then I got a travel size anyway)
Maison Francis Kurkdijian (MFK) – Oud
Maison Francis Kurkdijian (MFK) – Oud Satin Mood
Tom Ford – Ombre Leather
Tom Ford – Ebene Fume
Matiere Premiere – Radical Rose
Louis Vuitton – Imagination (new)
Louis Vuitton – Afternoon Swim (new)
Louis Vuitton – Meteore
Xerjoff – XJ 1861 Naxos
Creed – Green Irish Tweed
Jovoy – Incident Diplomatique
Anfas – Salam

And, as a bonus, these three have just a bit of each scent in them, enough, as I said, to smell by putting on a wrist, say:

Kerosene – Follow
Ormonde Jayne – Ormonde Man
Clive Christian – Jump Up and Kiss Me Hedonistic

[Image: MS62t1r.jpg][Image: X9qnWIK.jpg]

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Price dropped (because I'm impatient)

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