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today I have a huge offer of different top vintage razor blades.
I am located in Poland (EU)
The shipment worldwide with tracking number is flat - $8 (after new year price increase by Polish Post) - no matter how many blades you order.
Please allow some time for a delivery as it can take even up to 1 month (after-pandemic situation)
PayPal only.

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[Image: SnaVt1x.jpg]

1. London Bridge - top vintage blades, Made in England, comparable to famous Wilkinson Light Brigade (probably the same factory). Dispensers of 5 blades.

[Image: v0rMJIq.jpg]

2. Triton R3 - vintage, Made in DDR, very mild yet efficient, my personal no 1. Tucks of 5 blades.

[Image: Db6R4CM.jpg]

3. Perma-Sharp Super P-5 - vintage, made in GB, known as "Scottish Perma", very efficient. Dispensers of 10 blades.

[Image: 1vgrmQR.jpg]

4. Nacet - vintage, made in France, made before acquisition by Gillette. Tucks of 5 blades.

[Image: BYo8JmL.jpg]

5. Barberblader - vintage, made in West Germany by Wilkinson for Scandinavian barber market. Dispensers in cardbox of 5 blades.

[Image: TRE19Mh.jpg]

6. Diplomat Stainless - vintage, made in Israeli, very efficient, my personal no 2. Dispensers of 5 blades.

[Image: rK5xypQ.jpg]

7. Gillette Techmatic - vintage dispenser of steel tape, even though the Techmatic razor is not perfect, it is always worth trying by yourself. 1 head with steel tape in cardbox.

[Image: hiuvHqC.jpg]

8. Gillette Bleue Extra - vintage, made in France. Blue steel (black blade). Dispensers in cardbox of 10 blades.

[Image: vM5BSP8.jpg]

9. Greif Supra - vintage, made in Germany, Solingen, blue steel. Tucks of 10 blades.

[Image: WsuEtd9.jpg]

10. Greif Gold - vintage, made in Germany, Solingen. Tucks of 10 blades.

[Image: KXsDcOo.jpg]

11. Wilkinson Sword (white card) - vintage, mades in England or Germany - Number 70507620 on card - Dispensers of 5 blades.

[Image: 5dvEXPl.jpg]

12. Wilkinson Sword (white card) - vintage, mades in England or Germany - Number 004/159 on card - Dispensers of 5 blades.

[Image: yYpvUOi.jpg]

13. Gillette Super Silver - vintage, made in France. Dispensers of 5 blades.

[Image: 4w4Uckc.jpg]

14. Wizamet Polsilver Stainless - vintage, made in Poland, famous top vintage blades. Tucks of 10 blades.

[Image: Kh87v2w.jpg][Image: 1FqPnw9.jpg]

15. Punktal - vintage, made in Germany, Solingen. Don't know too much about them. Tucks of 10 blades.

[Image: hCCJuNd.jpg][Image: fL1Ar9V.jpg][Image: zXBJqKp.jpg]

In case of any questions - shoot me a PM

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