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NEW Timeless Polished Stainless Steel Razor. 

Polished SS 14mm x 100mm 98 gms handle.
Solid Bar Polished SS Base Place 0.68 gap
Smooth Polished SS Cap
Polished SS Stand
This razor is brand new.  It has never been used.  Any spots on the photos are either dust or reflections. The razor is flawless.
Original box available.  
Ships CONUS vis USPS or Canada Post.

$270 USD  price dropped to $$245 USD.  Final Price Drop $225

shipped with tracking number to your door.

[Image: n8tq4AI.jpeg][Image: TaOwNiK.jpeg][Image: uDzMpUR.jpeg][Image: fpjVBsg.jpeg][Image: eIDWfZV.jpeg][Image: MJwVomR.jpeg][Image: jZcj2kI.jpeg]

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Pretty sure this is a SS .68
Thanks for catching that. The 0.95 gap I have is coming up for sale later but this one is the 0.68. I will edit and correct.

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No disrespect meant and I know we’re not really supposed to make pricing comments… but if this is in stainless (not titanium), it looks like it’s significantly more than what one would get it for new from Timeless?
Just checking to make sure there’s not something included that I’m not factoring in.
No disrespect taken.

The price for this razor should have been listed as $370 CDN dollars, not USD as listed

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will edit and correct.

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Bump it
Bump it.  Price drop

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