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For sale 

SOLD Blackland Era razor with the following plates: SB plates-level 1, 2, 4, and 5.
OC plates-level 3 and 5. No stand or boxes. I am asking $120 shipped for the razor/plates.

Sterling Soap Company stainless steel razor with standard base plate and hyper aggressive base plate. This razor is was marked as made in the USA but wasn’t and the etching was marked out by Stirling and sold at discount. Looking for $80 shipped.

SOLD Rex Konsul razor with box. Razor is in excellent condition. $180 shipped

Yates Razor with EH plate in bead blasted finish. No box. $95 shipped.

No trades but feel free to make me an offer on these.

[Image: ZAr8Yvd.jpg][Image: gBRkF7j.jpg][Image: 7vPTFy7.jpg][Image: YzkIYqR.jpg]

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Awesome deal on the Konsul - excellent razor!

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