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WITHDRAWN - Selling the following. Conus shipping is a flat $5 per order regardless of the number of items ordered. Paypal. Send PM.

SOLD - TOBS Jermyn St. shaving cream. Used 1 time. $14. SOLD
TOBS Luxury Lime shaving soap. Discontinued. New in box. $8.
Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet EdT. About 75% full. $48.
AOS Lemon shaving cream 5 oz. tub. Lightly used - about 95% full. $14.
Feather AC Pro blades. 9 new unopened boxes of 20 blades each. $11 per box.
Gem Stainless SE blades. 3 boxes of 100 blades each. $15 per box. 2 boxes (100 blades each) SOLD, Only 1 box remains for sale.

[Image: NcQ4jVK.jpg]
[Image: cnU9Mrv.jpg]

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TOBS Jermyn Street cream is SOLD.
2 boxes (100 blades each) Gem Stainless SE blades SOLD. Only 1 box remains for sale.
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I am offering a special incentive to this sale. To anyone who buys all 9 of the Feather Pro blades, I am offering free shipping plus the TOBS Lime soap and an almost new metal tub of Jabonman Eufros unscented and mentholated shaving soap. I am the one who added menthol and I have lathered it only one time. If anyone buys less than all 9 blade packs in one single lot before I eventually withdraw my entire sale I will waive shipping costs but there will be no free Lime or Eufros. Priority will be given to the first offer that is made and paid. Please send a PM.
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