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For trade a Razorock Lupo 0.95 Scalloped Bar.
Hand polished.
The handle is a Razorock HD.
An 18/10 (AISI 304) stainless steel "inkwell" razor stand ( for 14 mm Dia. handles ) is included.
I'm trading it for a Simpson Chubby 2 SYNTHETIC 
or an Omega EVO shaving brush ,
preferably with their original carton box.
[Image: A4-EF9-F6-D-6089-418-D-A80-E-31-BE36826655.jpg]
[Image: A4-EF9-F6-D-6089-418-D-A80-E-31-BE36826655.jpg]
[Image: 391-A3420-1-CA8-4-ED7-A9-F8-E9-FB102-E1304.jpg]
[Image: 21-C8-D880-4043-4-A3-E-B6-DB-A42-A7553-DEA8.jpg]
[Image: 42-F25-FB9-6-F7-F-4966-A1-AA-D09-B6-D4-A9-B30.jpg]
[Image: 96-F42-E51-18-D8-440-E-B487-40-DEB8-A883-B0.jpg]

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